Best Cream for Scars: Our 2018 List

Find the best cream for scars is not an easy task with all the products on the market. Scars can be unsightly blemishes on otherwise good skin. A scar is a mark that is left behind on your skin after the surface of the skin has been damaged. This damage may have been caused by cuts, acne, burns, or any number of other ways. Scars vary from almost translucent or white, all the way to a deep purple color.

Over time, scars may naturally fade and become less obvious. By using a scar cream, you can accelerate this process, and potentially even make the scar almost invisible. This is not done by masking it with make-up, but rather by the ingredients of the cream acting with the natural repair process of your skin and enhancing the results.

There are some great benefits that come with using scar cream, check out the best cream for scars below.

Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream

best cream for scarsMederma PM Overnight scar cream is designed to work with the body’s natural regenerative processes that work while you sleep. Clinical tests have shown that the application of the cream helps to make scars smaller and less noticeable, and results can be seen within two weeks.

The cream contains tripeptol, which nourishes the skin. Peptides, collagen, and antioxidants are included to help heal damaged skin.

As the cream is only applied once a day, it may seem like it will take longer than other creams to have an effect. This is not true, as using it overnight means that not only does it work along with the body, it also reduces the amount of exposure to the elements that dry out skin and potentially cause problems with healing.

Overnight healing is an ideal solution for those with busy lives. This scar cream can be bought here.

Coconut Shea & Vitamin E Scar Cream

best cream for scarsShea butter is a natural plant fat well known for its moisturizing and healing properties. Many body creams, whether designed for scars or otherwise, contain shea butter.

Studies have also shown that the use of shea butter reduces inflammation, making it a great product to use when trying to minimize the effect of scarring.

Vitamin E helps the body to maintain healthy skin and eyes, and is also used to strengthen the body’s natural defenses. Combining this with shea butter is a good way to combat scars.

The cream is non-greasy and ideal to use as a daily moisturizer, and includes natural SPF which again protects the skin from damaging rays from the sun. It is suitable for many different types of scars, including acne and stretch marks. Find the Coconut Shea & Vitamin E Scar Cream here.

LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream Moisturizer

best cream for scarsAnother product labeled as a moisturizer, and it unsurprisingly includes Vitamin E and shea butter again, two fantastic ingredients to promote healthy skin. Additionally, the ingredients include Aloe Leaf Juice, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, and Jojoba Oil, among others.

Aloe leaf, from the aloe vera plant, is highly moisturizing. Hyaluronic acid helps to keep moisture locked into your skin, plumping it up and having a smoothing effect. Green tea is known to contain antioxidants that protect your skin from damage, and jojoba oil is a moisturizer and anti-inflammatory, making it doubly effective at healing scars.

With no oily residue left behind, this product is great as a moisturizer, and also helps to reduce fine lines as well as scars, and promotes general skin health. Check out the best online price for this cream here.

TCM Scar & Acne Cream

best cream for scarsThis cream is designed to dissolve scar tissue and leave healthy fresh skin behind. It works on many different types of scar tissue, including acne scars, insect bite marks, burn scars, and surgical scars.

Applied twice a day, the all-natural formula is not only healing, but also antibacterial, and so helps prevent infections that may occur in scarred areas.

The cream may seem to take longer to work than other creams, but this is due to it working in an entirely different way. Other creams tend to help the body heal scars, while this cream removes and restores the damaged tissue that constitutes scars.

This can give a better overall appearance over the long term, but will take longer to make a visible difference. TCM Scar & Acne cream is an overall solution to removing unsightly scars. Grab this scar & acne cream online here.