Best Lice Combs


There is a difference between purchasing a head lice removal solution and a lice comb. When you are planning to get rid of live head lice, a head lice solution will be useful for this purpose. In case you are dealing with lice eggs, you will have to use a different approach altogether. This is because lice eggs remain stuck on your hair shaft and can only be removed efficiently when you comb.

To be able to effectively rid your head of head lice, the use of a quality comb cannot be overemphasized. Use of the wrong kind of comb does not does not entirely remove the lice eggs on your head, which means that they remain there and hatch, further aggravating your situation. This guide delves into the top combs that will help you achieve a pest free life.

What You Need To Consider Before Purchasing a Lice Comb

Finding the right comb may be tough especially when you don’t know what features to look out for in order to determine if you are buying the right comb. It is therefore essential to have a few things in mind while shopping for lice combs. The important features to consider are outlined below:

  1. The tougher, the better – It is vital to have a comb that will not break down when you are trying to remove lice. For people, for people with thick or very tough hair, a weak comb will not be the best choice. It is better for you to pay extra on something durable that makes the job easier such as a stainless-steel comb.
  2. Fine- Toothed – Both lice and lice eggs are significantly small. Use of a fine-toothed comb will ensure that you reach them wherever they may be hiding and get rid of them. Using combs with large teeth leaves lice in your hair.
  3. Price – Keep in mind that when you buy this comb, you will only need to use it i once or twice. It is, therefore, not cost effective to purchase an expensive comb. Yes, you are looking for something practical, but it must also be reasonable in cost. Most manufacturers take that advantage of your lice problem and how much you are willing to pay to get rid of lice.
  4. Use Treatment too – Keep in mind that you might also need to treat your hair using some medication to ensure you get rid of lice. Combing your hair is never enough in most cases but to be sure to eliminate the lice, then you have to use some of the treatments available in the market in order to kill them. Ultimately, you will need more than a comb to get rid of lice permanently.

Below are some of the quality combs you can purchase.

Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb


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If you are looking for a professional lice-fighting company, Nit Free is the best. They manufacture safe and natural products that people of different calibers can use. Their Terminator Lice Comb is made from stainless steel to prevent rust. Besides, it is easy to sterilize the product using boiling water for re-using. Among other features, it has small grooved teeth that dislodge the hold nits on your hair roots.

In comparison with plastic variants, the Terminator Lice Comb is stronger and unlikely to break when used by people with all types of hair. Unlike other combs, this is easy to use and also does not expire. It is also a popular choice for people who seek natural lice remedies.


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The comb is more mechanical, with the ability to capture lice and dispose them off in a container. It is not only a comb, but it has a vacuum suction power and a combination motion similar to an ordinary comb.

The best thing is that it can also work well on any hair. Most combs are thin, but this comb is a bit wider and allows coarse and thicker hair to pass quickly. Besides, it is best for people who hate touching lice.

Fairy Tales Terminator Nit-Free Comb


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The comb is suitable for both wet and dry hair. The manufacturer recommends that its customers first brush their hair thoroughly and then use this comb to prevent tangles. The comb works for all the hair types. If you have soft hair, you don’t need to worry about strands that slip through its closer teeth. Each tooth features a spiraled groove that works to eliminate nits from your hair roots.  Moreover, this comb is metallic and unlikely to break on regular use. Having been made of metal similar to other combs, you can also disinfect it using boiling water and then re-use it.