The Best Collagen Peptide Powders In 2019


Collagen supplements are essential in maintaining your health. Besides, it is the most abundant protein located on all human tissues including skin, tendons, muscles, and bones. An adequate supply of collagen supplements is therefore crucial for your body’s health and well-being. Moreover, collagen plays a vital role in strengthening and structuring of the connective tissues, tendons, teeth, fibrous cartilage, and skin. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure you get enough collagen. The best way to attain sufficient levels of collagen is to consume natural animal foods such as eggs, fish, and chicken. Vitamin C and E sources as well as minerals such as Zinc and Magnesium are also, some primary sources of collagen. Collagen peptide powder supplements are an easy way to obtain the right nutrients that will increase collagen levels in your body, for a healthier and younger you.

Here are the five best collagen peptide powders that you need to include in your daily routine:

Sports Research Collagen Peptides

Sports Research is dedicated to ensuring you supplement your daily diet. The product increases the vitality in your tendons, cartilage, skin, hair, bones, and joints. The powder is mixed with any liquid or added to oatmeal, soup or yoghurt. It contains protein; grass-fed cattle type 1&3, and amino acids. Besides, the product is a non-GMO certified by Paleo & Keto Foundation. There are health benefits associated with this product. One is that users report that the product eliminates joint pain in a few weeks. Secondly, those wrinkles and noticeable fine lines disappear. Another benefit is that, the company offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Vital Proteins

Vital proteins collagen peptides derive from hides of pasture-raised and grass –fed cows. The product is usually in unflavored and unadulterated powder form. The supplement, therefore, has excellent amino acids.

Besides its somewhat bland taste, the powder is a rich source of collagen peptides. It is also a high quality product which is non-GMO. Due to its high glycine content, Vital Proteins is good for the digestive system and joint health.

The other fantastic feature from the product is that it is soluble in both cold and hot drinks. You can, therefore, use it in hot cocoa, soups, coffee or smoothies. It is delicious when you use it to create a coconut jelly.

Custom Collagen

A scoop of this product will boost your protein intake and keep you in a healthy condition. The advantage of using Custom Collagen is to improve your joint function and flexibility, endurance, energy, and muscle tone. Besides, most gym goers depend on the product for recovering their muscles as well as maintaining their protein levels.

Moreover, the product is suitable for supporting the growth of hair and nails. It also helps to revitalize your skin’s condition, making it look soft, youthful, and smooth. Besides, custom collagen makes a significant contribution to better digestion, stable liver functioning, wound healing, and detoxification. You can mix it with any drink because it dissolves quickly.

Zint Collagen Powder

With many tons of benefits that the powder contains, you could call it a winner. The dust will replenish your body’s protein supply. It helps in rejuvenating the strength of your cartilage, tendons, hair, joints, skin, and nails for a youthful appearance.

The advantage of Zint collagen product is that it dissolves in all kinds of drinks, while you also get to enjoy its neutral flavor. Most people will enjoy the product while added to smoothie or coffee.

On the other hand, Zint collagen product is a certified supplement by Kosher and does not contain additional preservatives.

Great Lakes Gelatin

It is sourced from grass-fed cattle and is, therefore, a reliable anti-aging powder. It is unflavored and contains proteins, amino acids, and necessary fundamental ingredients that play a vital role in improving your skin.

The sufficient protein content will help in maintaining mobile and healthy joints, provide high energy, and restore bone density. As you age, your skin might battle with fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. With Great Lakes Gelatin, you can be sure that you will have healthy-looking skin. . Aside from its skin benefits, it will also enhance your concentration and give you a balanced mood.

Some of the fantastic results from the product include stronger hair and healthy nails. Grab yourself one of the products above to get your youthful, healthy skin back as you enjoy all the additional benefits that come with their usage. Of importance to consider is that whenever you want to purchase the ideal collagen for beauty regime, ensure it complies well with your needs, routine and diet.