Best Glucometer

Looking for the best glucometer? Let’s dive into what a glucometer is and which ones are currently the best on the market. A glucometer is a device you can use in your own home to test the amount of glucose/sugar in your blood. It is also known as a glucose meter or a blood glucose monitoring device. 

Monitoring the level of glucose in your blood can be a matter of life or death for people with diabetes, as dangerously high – or low – sugar levels can be fatal. Maintaining a stable level of blood sugar (within a particular range) is important for everyone, but particularly those whose bodies have difficulty in controlling the levels internally.

The best glucometer will give accurate results time and time again, but a number of factors can impact the accuracy of a blood glucose reading. If you are dehydrated, have an excess of vitamin C in your system, are anemic, or there has been a drastic change in altitude or temperature since your last test, the results are likely to be less accurate – no matter how good your glucometer device is.

It remains important that diabetics test their blood glucose levels regularly, so here are some of the best glucometers on the market at the moment.

Bayer Contour Next EZ Meter Kit Combo

The best glucometer is arguably the Bayer meter kit combo comes with a good reputation, as Bayer is one of the top names in the medical industry. The kit includes the meter itself, along with 100 test strips and 100 safety-sealed lancets, and a carry case to put it all in.

The procedure is simple. The tip of your finger is pierced with the lancet, producing a small drop of blood. The blood (approx 0.6ul is required for the Bayer device) is applied to the test strip which is inserted into the meter, and the meter displays the level of glucose in your blood on a small screen.

Extra lancets and strips are available, as each one is a one-time-use piece of equipment.

The meter itself features a 5-second countdown, and customizable alarms for different glucose levels.  

It also includes “no coding” technology. When you start a new pack of test strips, many glucometers require you to enter a code to calibrate the machine to the strips. No coding technology allows you to skip this step and start using it straight out of the box.

A recommended and reliable device at a sensible price point, you can get your own here.

Accu-Chek Active Glucometer

Less well-known than the Bayer brand, the Accu-Chek Active Glucometer is just as accurate. Supplied with 10 test strips, the Softclix Lancing Device, and 10 sterile lancets, one of the main features of the device is its claim that the included Clixmotion technology has been proven to be the least painful way of obtaining a small blood sample.

The procedure is the same as the Bayer machine, with a drop of blood being placed on the test strip. The result is shown on the digital display in around 5 seconds.

Buy one online here to test your blood sugar levels at home, whenever is convenient.

iHealth Align Smartphone Diabetes Testing Kit

The iHealth kit is supplied with the meter, 50 iHealth test strips, 10 lancets, a lancing device, control solution, and a smart-looking silicone carry bag. While none of this is out of the ordinary, the tiny meter does not have a display screen of its own.

Instead, it connects to the audio jack of your smartphone or tablet, and the results of your test are shown in the iHealth Gluco-Smart app.

This app allows you to record your readings and save them onto the iHealth Cloud servers. You can then share the readings with your doctor or family members directly from the app. It also allows you to store and document any medication you take, exercise you perform, and monitors your diet. This lets you view trends over a period of time in order to build up a more complete picture of your health and to discover how any changes you make affect the levels of glucose in your blood directly.

As with the other meters, the results are available in around 5 seconds, and the accuracy is assured as the device is approved by the FDA and recommended by doctors. The amount of blood needed to obtain a reading is 0.7ul.

You can get your own iHealth kit online here.