5 Best Lice Shampoos

Head lice are among the most unsettling parasites your head can harbor. They are difficult to notice due to their small size, not to mention hard to treat. There are, however, safe and effective treatment methods that are available to treat head lice. Some people believe in medicine while other would swear by natural remedies. What is the best way to treat hair lice?

Thanks to physicians and scientists, there exists practical ways that guarantee lice removal. Here are top 4 best shampoos that will help in bringing to an end lice infestation on your head by killing these troublesome parasites.

Lice No More Shampoo

Lice No More comes with a packed conditioner that allows your hair to brush out while treating. It is different from other products because it includes a plastic comb that can brush out adult lice and nits. The shampoo uses some traditional chemicals and pesticides that kill lice efficiently and quickly. This characteristic is favorable for people who are looking for a potent treatment. Lice No More Shampoo is a product that is easy to use, and you will need only two to three treatments. The product is recommended for people with thick hair. The conditioner also helps to prevent tangles and eases the combing process.

Schooltime Lice Shampoo

The product is suitable for children and people seeking shampoo that is pesticide free and consequently safe to use. The ingredients in the shampoo are gentle on the children’s skin. Moreover, the product contains the hypoallergenic ingredient, a useful feature to people having allergic reactions. It is also color free, fragrance-free, and does not contain any traditional animal ingredients.

The other feature with the shampoo is that its bottles are larger than most brands. It brings cost-effectiveness to the consumer who needs a shampoo that lasts and can be used by other family members if need be.

Schooltime Lice Shampoo uses conditioners and oils that help to restore your hair after use. This maintains the health of your hair keeping it from undue dryness that could further aggravate your head situation. It will require dry hair.

ZAP Lice Shampoo

ZAP lice shampoo does not contain any pesticide by design and therefore no lice immunity to its effects. The shampoo uses star anise oil that kills lice by suffocating them through orifices blockage. You will not need to wet your hair to use, and you will require approximately 15 minutes to achieve a maximum effect. The ingredients in the shampoo are safe for children above two years and suitable for all types of hairs. Each bottle you purchase has multiple uses, and is favorable even to people with long hair. Besides, it suits a family that suffers from an infestation.

Nit Free Shampoo

Nit Free Shampoo is the best natural alternative to people using traditional pesticides. The shampoo is non-toxic, does not contain sulfate, and is designed to be gentle on people’s skin. It includes rosemary extract that is a natural repellent to lice infestation and natural oils.

When you use the shampoo, it will effectively kill both adults and eggs. Besides, it helps in soothing irritations that result from lice bites on the scalp. Nit Free is gentle, and you can use it daily. It has a formula that helps in dislodging nits from hair roots, and you will not worry about hatching eggs or recurrence of the lice infestation. Nit Free Shampoo has a pleasant natural scent instead of the chemical odor found in most lice shampoos. The product is suitable for families who want a non-toxic and pesticide-free shampoo that will work on most types of hair.

RID Lice Killing Shampoo



Rid Lice Killing Shampoo is an effective treatment, proven to kill lice while leaving your head free of chemical residues. The product is efficient enough to get rid of lice as well as their eggs.  It can be used for both kids as well as adults. Hair has to be dry when being used to treat lice. RID Lice Killing Shampoo comes with a nit comb for removing nits. When removing nits, hair needs to be damp throughout.