Best TENS Unit


TENS unit, also known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is used to relieve pain by using an electrical current. This type of pain reliever is a small device that is battery-operated. This device allows for the stimulation of the nerves for relief purposes. This unit is usually composed of four different sections that relate to two channels that attach to a battery-operated pack. The way this machine works is by sending many pulses to the brain to override the pain. This machine helps your body produce cells that prevent pain from reaching the brain, similar to endorphins.

The first TENS unit was officially created in the United States in 1974. However, this form of pain relief was “established” during 60 A.D. It is stated in history that ancient Romans used to stand on electrical fish to help relieve pain, which is similar to be shocked with electrical currents. These days, this “holistic” approach to medicine is very much frowned upon. Consulting with a doctor is always best before purchasing a TENS unit.

Below are the standard uses for a TENS unit and our top 5 list for the best TENS unit available for purchase online.


This type of device was created to help relieve pain, whether it is chronic or acute. This device may not work on everyone, but clinical studies show that most users’ experience fast relief. It has been stated that the use of the TENS unit should not be applied during pregnancy, but many obstetricians allows this to be used during labor. Keep in mind that certain diseases such as skin infections and heart disease should not be mixed with the use of a TENS unit.

Best TENS Unit

The Best TENS Unit

Using a product like the TENS unit is safe and effective, as long as it is used properly. Regardless of the name brand of the device, it is always best to procced with caution and read the instructions carefully. Find our top 5 TENS units below to help identify the best TENS unit for your needs.

  • HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit

This product is very affordable for those who suffer from pain. The easy-to-read buttons allow the user to click on the “knee”, “back” or at least 7 other body parts to help relieve pain. This machine has 20 different levels of intensity to allow the perfect type of pain relief. Instead of 4 pads, this device has 8 different pads that can be used at the same time. Massages from kneading to tapping are displayed on the LCD display. This device allows for 80-minute sessions, although no more than 30 minutes is recommended.

  • Tenker rechargeable EMS and TENS unit

This two-in-one unit allows for effective pain relief at any time. This unit is compact and can be taken with you anywhere. The therapeutic sessions are normally set at a standard 20-minutes but can be adjusted from 10-60 minutes. There are many pads, in different shapes and sizes, for easy use. Due to the ability to recharge, this unit saves money and does exactly what it is meant to do.

  • Ulaif TENS Unit and Massager Combination

This is one of the newest models that has been FDA approved in 2018. The massage combination helps to decrease the pain, while battling muscle tension and fatigue. This product was exclusively design by doctors and physical therapists to help improve a person’s quality of life. This device allows for up to 40 hours of use, with the batteries included. Therapy styles such as acupuncture and shiatsu are just a couple of the 21 treatment modes of this device.

Best TENS Unit

  • AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit

With over 20 different modes to relieve pain, this rechargeable massager is a fan favorite for those who want instant pain relief. There are different size pads to apply the perfect amount of pressure on different body parts. Your body and mind will feel relaxed and calm within minutes of using this TENS unit. Due to the fact that this unit is rechargeable, the amount of battery life is extended.

  • TechCare Mini Massager TENS Unit

If you are looking for something that is extra small and compact, then this device is perfect for you. A lifetime warranty is a guarantee when you purchase this product. This unit has 10 massage modes that can hold up to 20 hours of use. There are 20 different levels of intensity that can adjusted with the different forms of pain relief needed. There is also a treatment points chart that helps distinguish the best form of treatment depending on the pain relief needed.