The 10 Best Transfer Boards

It can be hard to find the best transfer-board. You want the people you care about to be safe and healthy. Here are some models that you should consider. All of these products would make excellent solutions. They will make it easier to look after the people you care about.

The Best Transfer Boards To Buy Online in 2020

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We have scoured in great detail to give you recommendations that are useful and that can help you find a quality and affordable board. Here are our top choices:

1. Sammons Preston Transfer Board – Top Choice


This sliding board makes it easy to look after your loved one. It can accommodate individuals up to 600 lb. It’s made with premium quality wood. The construction is heavy-duty, so it is a perfect solution for those that are on the heavier side. It’s a very durable board. It will help get an individual from the bed to a wheelchair. It’s made with quality Birchwood. It has a coating and seal so it is safe from spills. There are hand slots on the board to provide a secure grip.

  • Made from high-quality Birchwood
  • A capacity of 600 lb
  • Two and slots
  • Slightly More expensive when compared to other boards but best reviewed due to sturdiness and extra weight capacity

2. Beasy Standard Wood Transfer Board


It is an excellent wood product and one of the best models of the past year. It has handles and notched sides so the user can comfortably access the arms of their wheelchair. It is made of high-quality products and very strong. It has a sturdy construction, and it will accommodate individuals up to 450 lbs.

This product has microbial protection, so it will help caregivers and users stay safe. The board will stay cleaner for a longer time. The board resists stains and odors.

  • The product is lightweight
  • Perfect for car transfers
  • Supports individuals up to 450 lb
  • Board is quite long, so it is not the ideal solution if space is cramped

3. BodyHealt Mobility Transfer-Board


You can help restore the quality of life for a loved one with this transfer-board. It features a sturdy construction and it’s made with high-quality materials. It has excellent durability and will last a long time. It will help bring back convenience for your loved one that has mobility issues. Bacteria can’t grow on the top of this board so it helps promote a healthy environment. It’s easy for caregivers to use this board.

  • Hygienic
  • Provides convenience and Independence
  • Will last a long time
  • No known cons at this time

4. S-Day Curved Transfer Board


This unit will help an individual lead a better quality of life. It’s made with strong materials so you can move an individual from one location to another. It can accommodate individuals up to 336 lbs. It’s made with reinforced plastic material. It helps promote hygiene as it has microbial protection. You can use this board on a daily basis and not have to worry about health issues.

  • Made with a strong material
  • Safe to use
  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • A little expensive

5. Reliance TB


You want a high-quality transfer board, and you get one with this product. It is also waterproof so it resists spills. You get a comfortable handle grip with two hand slots on each side of the board. It’s a very portable product and has a high-quality finish. The outside of the product has microbial protection so it resists bacterial growth. The product will hold up to 450 lb.

  • Easy to use Hand slots
  • Holds up to 450 lb
  • Somewhat expensive

6. Vive Transfer-Board


If you need to move someone from their bedroom, bathtub, or car to a wheelchair, this transfer board is the ideal solution. Your loved one will have greater independence when you use this board. It’s durable and made with a smooth construction. The board itself is portable and compact to facilitate easy storage. You can use it even when you are traveling. It is like weight and features to cut out handles. You get more leverage when using the handles, and you get a secure grip that is comfortable. The ends of the board are smooth which protects your hands when you are using it.

  • Lightweight product
  • Easy to transfer someone when using this product
  • Cut out candles for good leverage
  • Holds individuals up to 440 lb
  • Might be too narrow for some spaces
  • The surface could be a little bit smoother

7. Drive Medical Slide Board


This board is of high quality and will hold individuals up to 250 lb. It is lightweight but made with solid construction. It’s easy to move a patient around with this board. It is made out of wood and has a sealed surface that is smooth and safe for individuals that are using it. You get a water-resistant coating, so it resists spills.

  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t have a large weight capacity

8. Breadtopia Transfer Board


With this board, it is easy to move people under medical care that have limited mobility. It’s made with natural beachwood. There are no additives with this product so it is eco-friendly. The surface is smooth so it’s easy for a caregiver to help someone move their body when sliding over to a bed, toilet seat with a reduced possibility of injury to the patient . The edges of the board are beveled and easy on the user’s hands. One end of the board has a hanging hole so you can store it this board away with ease. It is durable and will last a long time.

  • With high-quality wood
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to use
  • A little expensive when compared to other boards

9. MABIS DMI Healthcare TB


This board is made with a simple construction. It’s perfect for individuals that need help with their mobility. It’s easy to get an individual from a sofa, chair, or bid into their wheelchair. It’s a lightweight design, so it’s easy to carry around. The surface of the board is sanded and sealed so it is smooth. It also features dual handles to facilitate the use of this board. It’s a perfect board to buy as it comes in at a competitive price.

  • Will carry individuals up to 440 lb
  • Has two cutout handles
  • The board surface could use a slicker coating to make moving easier

10. Duro-Med DMI Wooden Slide


This unit perfect for individuals that are quite heavy. It will hold up to 735 lbs. It is perfect for both heavyweight individuals and those that are lighter weight. It has cut out handles that make it easy to carry around. You can easily transfer somebody from their bed into a wheelchair or onto the toilet seat with this slide. It is coated and sealed to make moving individuals a lot easier.  It’s made with a high-quality yellow Southern Pine. it features durable construction, and it will last a long time.

  • Strong and durable board
  • Easy grip with the handles
  • Might be too expensive for some


You want to make it easy to move individuals that have less Mobility or are elderly. These transfer boards make it easy to move sick individuals or those that can’t move around a lot on their own. These boards are easy to use, and they are safe.

these are some of the best transfer boards on the market. They feature smooth surfaces, high-quality materials, microbial protection, and they generally come in at an affordable price. They are lightweight, and they’re easy to store when you are not using them. These boards are sure to meet your individual budget and needs.


Transfer boards offer the best mobility capabilities for patients and aged individuals. They facilitate safe and smooth transfers from one point to another.

What to look for in the Best Transfer Board

However, for safe and best movement, you should buy the best transfer boards. Consider the factors below before paying for any transfer boards on the market today.

Material: The material that makes the device determines its strength and durability. Therefore this is a critical factor that everyone should consider when buying a transfer board. Most transfer boards are made of wood or strong plastic. Wooden transfer boards are the best due to their strength and durability. Buy the one with a smooth surface, round edges and a coating that makes it water-resistant. Some plastic transfer boards are also great purchases.

Weight capacity: This is one of the most important things that you must consider when buying a transfer board. The weight capacity of the board determines how safe the user is. To make sure that the board can safely support the user to avoid extra injuries, make sure that the board you are about to buy can accommodate the user’s weight.

Budget: The market today has numerous TB brands available. This, as a result, has increased the competitiveness of the brands and so there are numerous high-quality products available at a pocket-friendly deal. You, therefore, do not have to spend a fortune buying these handy tools.

Microbial protection: The coating on the unit should be waterproof. This is very important as it limits and alleviates bacterial growth that can cause different infections on the user.

What are transfer boards used for?

Transfer boards can be used for helping a person move from one seated position to another on a wheelchair, bed, or a chair. It’s a smooth, long board and measures around 2 feet in length. They are an essential safety device in health care. Transfer devices allow proper lifting and loading of body-weight and are one of the products paraplegics must have.

Who are transfer boards recommended for?

Transfer boards are best for people with a strong chest, arms and upper trunk strength. However, people who have troubles with standing can also use transfer boards.

Hemiplegics or paraplegics can use them to get in and out of bed or to sit on the toilet. Individuals who have undergone a leg, foot, ankle, or knee surgery, have broken legs, or a cast or wound on their legs can also used them.

These Sliding planks are ideal for people who are capable of bearing weight using their arms for a brief amount of time. However, it’s vital that the person using them be capable of comprehending and following simple reminders or commands.

Patients who lack the strength to sit straight independently shouldn’t use transfer boards. Patients who are off-balance, disoriented, dizzy, or sleepy shouldn’t use them as well.

How much weight can transfer boards carry?

All that are sold come with a specific weight capacity that denotes the amount of weight they can bear. Most boards can carry around 440 lbs with ease, but there are other models, like a bariatric one, that are capable of carrying up to 735 lbs. Pick a transfer board based on the size and weight of the patient.

How to use a Transfer Board

Before using transfer boards to transfer a patient, ensure that the immediate environment is clutter-free. Extra caution must be paid when attempting a patient transfer on slippery surfaces or floors or in areas with obstacles.

If you’re transferring a patient from their wheelchair to another chair or bed, ensure that the wheelchair’s brakes are locked before you commence the transfer. This way, the wheelchair won’t move anywhere during a transfer. Ensure that the destination chair or bed is stable and sturdy, so that it doesn’t collapse or overturn when you transfer the patients. It is best if the transfer destination is a stable, solid, heavy furniture piece.

How do I learn more about using transfer boards?

You can request a nurse of home healthcare aide to give you a demonstration on moving patients using transfer boards. You can also request a physical therapist or nurse working at your doctor’s office for a demonstration.

Always consult a doctor or trained medical professional before transferring a patient. Don’t use a transfer board on an injured person unless you are doing so under the care of a doctor or emergency technician as moving someone with serious injuries could further aggregate those injuries.