The Best Treatment For Lip Lines 2020

Forehead wrinkles and laugh lines get lots of attention but there is another area of the face that shows signs of aging. Your lips. Many people don’t consider the vertical lip lines which appear above the lips as a major issue until they become deeply entrenched.

These lines are also called smokers’ lines because smokers tend to have particularly deep fissures. This is because they constantly purse their lips to inhale and because of the overall effect of smoking on the skin. Although smokers aren’t the only ones who get lip lines, they are likely to develop them at an earlier age. Lip lines usually show up in your forties as a normal part of the aging process and are common in both men and women. They can show up earlier due to excessive sun exposure or constant pursing of the lips.

As we age, the skin loses elasticity and tone and its volume decreases. The area above the lips therefore gets wrinkled and looks sunken. The lips themselves also seem to get thinner with age. Luckily, smokers’ lines can be treated with a combination of behavior changes and medical treatments.

The Best Reviewed Treatment for Eliminating Lip Lines in 2020

We have reviewed and researched quite a few products and to save you some time, this is the one we found on Amazon we feel is best when it comes to eliminating or at least hiding your lip lines.

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1.Yoobeaul Anti-Wrinkle Patches for the Face


These patches are professionally formulated to get rid of wrinkles on the face or eyes and to make your skin flat and smooth.

Reasons why we recommend them:

These patches have a medical grade type of facial line filler which means it is friendly to your skin and won’t damage it. Plus, it helps to improve such skin issues as wrinkle and fine lines on the forehead, between the eyes and on the upper lip.

It increases the collagen in the face so it can rejuvenate old skin and make it firmer as it instantly gets rid of the wrinkles. Best of all, you can use these pads two or three times, so it saves you money. Plus, it’s great for all kinds of skin whether your skin is normal, oily, dry or a combination of these skin types.

How do you use them?

These pads are to be used five to seven times each week. The kit comes with 256 patches, so it should be enough to last for lots of applications. However, you should not use Yoobeaul pads if your skin is cut, irritated, burned or has scratches on it.

Lip lines are quite annoying, and to some extent can be prevented by avoiding things like staying in the sun too long, not getting enough sleep or exercise, smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol, and eating a non-nutritious diet.  However, they also come with age and that’s not something you can stop all on its own without help.

All in all if you are suffering from lip lines or other facial wrinkles, you should try Yoobeaul Anti-Wrinkle Patches for the Face.

Lip Line FAQs

Everyone wants to remove lip lines. Here are some of the main questions and answers you should understand in battling lip lines on your face.

How to get rid of lip lines Permanently?

Sometimes, it’s simply aging, and you will want to look into the wrinkle patches. But sometimes, bad habits also lead to lip lines. Here are some suggestions dermatologists give on how to get rid of lip lines with out surgery:1

  1. Change your habits. Quitting smoking and avoiding straws are two ways to purse your lips less.
  2. Use sunscreen SPF 30+ as the areas around your mouth are sensitive to UV rays.

Since lip lines develop because of constantly pursing the lips, changing your expressions can prevent the lines from forming or becoming deeper. You need to avoid puckering your lips. If you usually drink from a straw or soda bottle, you can switch to a glass or a bottle with a wider mouth. Of course, if you’re a smoker, stopping or cutting back would be helpful.

The skin around your mouth is quite sensitive and the sun’s UV rays can cause significant damage. Make sure you use and SPF 30 or 45 sunscreen to help keep your skin protected. You should also apply a moisturizer to help maintain your skin’s water levels and protect against external elements like dirt.

Strong muscles also help to maintain smooth skin so if your muscles are weak, wrinkles and fine lines may begin to appear. Work some facial exercises into your routine to tighten the muscles.

Injections and skin resurfacing

If you need more intensive treatment, have no fear. There are a range of anti-wrinkle injections, skin resurfacing treatments and lip fillers available to reduce the appearance of lip lines. The most common anti-wrinkle injectable is Botox. These solutions are injected directly into the muscle and they stop the nerves from sending messages to it. The muscle therefore does not contact when you make an expression. Instead, it relaxes and the skin above it no longer wrinkles. When used above the lip, those repeated muscle movements which cause lip lines will no longer occur.

Skin rejuvenation or skin resurfacing peels include light-based treatments (like laser) and peels. These also help to restore smoother skin. They require some preparation and after care so you may have to observe some precautions like staying out of the sun. These treatments remove dead skin cells and help to stimulate the turnover of new cells. The skin is rejuvenated at the layer where collagen and elastin are produced and this reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Results are normally excellent but the treatments do take several months to work.

Dermal fillers

Another way to reduce smokers’ lines is to have injectable fillers placed along the upper lip line. Dermal fillers, as they are called, are solutions which mimic a substance your body makes naturally. Fillers are temporary but they can bring significant improvement to your lips and the skin around them. They help to return the lips to their original shape and volume but you can opt for a slightly more enhanced look if you wish. You should choose a qualified and experienced aesthetic physician to help you choose the right product and shape for your facial features. You don’t want to overdo it and then have your lips looking unnatural. Lip fillers have shown a good success rate over the years.

What Are Lip Lines?

Most people know what crow’s feet or frown lines are, but did you ever hear about lip lines? They aren’t the same as laugh or smile lines, as these are horizontal markings on the lip edges and the side of the nose. However, lip lines are also called smoker’s lines or lipstick lines. They appear right over the upper lip, at times also involving the upper lift and extending to the nose. They can be long or short, but no matter their size, no one wants to have them!