Best Ultra Tampons for Heavy Flow Days

Women with heavy periods are often worried that they’ll experience a leak at the most inopportune time. If you have a hectic lifestyle, exercising, participating in distance running, or something else entirely, you need the best heavy flow tampons to reduce the chances of embarrassing leaks.

Now, each woman has their own thoughts of what is and is not a heavy flow period. For some women, a heavy flow period means using a super-absorbent tampon on their heaviest flow day. If you experience a hefty flow day that suggests hourly tampon changes, you need to reach out to your doctor to rule out anything abnormal.

There are several factors to keep in mind when you’re buying tampons, but most importantly, you need to know the difference between each size:

  • Lite – Can handle six grams or less of blood (as well as dried blood)
  • Regular – Can handle between six and nine grams of blood
  • Super – Can handle between nine and 12 grams of blood
  • Super Plus – Can handle between 12 to 15 grams of blood
  • Ultra-Absorbency – Is able to handle up between 15 and 18 grams of blood (two times more than regular tampons)

Special Note: Toxic Shock Syndrome can be a lethal disease, so to reduce the risk, use only the lowest absorbency tampon you really need.

After you’ve determined your absorbency level, you need to concern other factors. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you concerned about the cost?
  • Do you want organic cotton or regular cotton tampons?
  • Do you want to use tampons with or without applicators?
  • Do you want to use fragrant or non-fragrant tampons?
  • Will you go swimming?
  • Will you be working out?

It doesn’t matter what you plan on doing; there is a right absorbency tampon that will work for you.

Below is a look at a few of the best tampons for women with heavy flows:

Best Ultra-Absorbency Tampons (15 to 18 grams)

If you need the most absorbency tampon, this is the one you need. It gives you the most protection on your heaviest flow days. Many Amazon shoppers seem to love this brand.

Playtex Simply Gentle Glide Unscented Tampons with Ultra Absorbency Unscented Ultra Tampons

The Playtex Simply Gentle Glide Unscented Tampons with Ultra Absorbency comes with a smooth rounded tip applicator, so you can easily insert it. It has 360-degree protection, which means it’ll shape to your body to keep leaks from happening. These tampons have no colors, dyes or scents, and are free of BPAs as well.



Applicator-Free Ultra Tampons

O.B. Original Non-Applicator Tampons (Ultra-Absorbency)

For those women who don’t like applicators, O.B. offers a solution with its Original Non-Applicator Tampons. A gynecologist designed the O.B. tampons to custom-fit each woman’s shape with fluid-lock grooves, so you feel protected while wearing it. Since there is no applicator, you can put discreetly hide it in your purse (or pocket).




Best Super Plus Tampons (12 to 15 grams)

If you don’t need ultra-absorbency tampons, then the next step down is the super plus option. Here are a couple of options to consider:

The Honest Company Organic Cotton Tampons with Plant-Based Compact Applicator (Organic Super Plus Tampons)

These tampons comprise entirely of organic cotton and come with a flexible, but smooth plant-based applicator to insert easily into your vagina. If you want genuine natural menstruation products, you can’t go wrong with the ones from Honest Organic Tampons. It’s a comfort-tip tampon, which means it’ll expand to improve leakage protection. (About 44 percent of Amazon buyers swear by this brand, rating it 5-stars.




Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons (Unscented Super Plus Tampons)

Tampax is a household name for many women, and for a good reason. Its Tampax Pearl plastic tampons with super plus absorbency are only a handful of products the company makes. It uses leak-fighting technology and fitted with backup braids that ensure at least eight hours of leak protection.

Tampax Pearl wants to ensure your comfort, which uses a smooth applicator over a cardboard one so you can easily and comfortably insert the device. Once you do, it’ll expand to fit your body’s shape. It’s no surprise that nearly 80 percent of Amazon buyers have rated the product with five stars.



Best Super Tampons (9 to 12 grams)

If your heavy flow isn’t all that bad or you need a tampon that won’t leak when your exercise, super absorbency tampons may be your best bet.

Playtex Sport Unscented Tampons with Flex-Fit Technology (Unscented Super Tampons for Sport and Swim)

It doesn’t matter how you get your exercise, Playtex Sports tampon is going to offer you the protection you need to feel comfortable.

The Playtex Sports tampon comprises of unscented cotton and has a contoured applicator so you can easily insert it. Playtex uses FlexFit technology, making it ideal for those really active days and hard workouts. It has interlocking fibers that will move as you move and keep leaks from escaping. About 74 percent of Amazon users rate the product five stars.

And, if you’re not sure if the super absorbency option will work for you, you can try the brand’s Super Plus Playtex Sport.



When You Want Organic…

Organic Cotton Regular and Super Absorbency Compact Tampons

If you want irritant-free tampons, you can’t get any better than the L. Organic Cotton Tampons. The L. They are made of certified organic cotton and contain no dyes, fragrances, pesticides, rayon and chlorine bleach. The applicator also has no BPA in it.

The company even goes a step further with your purchase. It’ll donate a box of its tampons to needy girls or women.