Best Waterproof Bandages

There may have been times in your life when you’ve needed a bandage, whether it’s to help heal an injury or just to offer protection to a sore spot. Any bandage will do, until you encounter water.

You might think that water doesn’t prove to be that much of a problem, but what if you are an avid swimmer? What is you just want to take a shower? Maybe even washing your hands can pose a problem. Getting your bandage wet normally won’t end well, as the wound or injury often needs redressing to ensure adequate support.

Best Waterproof Bandages to Keep in your Medicine Cabinet in 2020

It doesn’t take long to realize the benefits of using a waterproof bandage, even if it is just as a time saving device. Here are some of the best waterproof bandages for you to consider.

1. Nexcare Waterproof Bandages


The Nexcare bandages are small pads surrounded by 360 degrees of waterproof adhesive seal. The seal provides protection against water, dirt, and germs, promoting fast healing in a clean environment.

Suitable for swimming, advanced technology allows air to circulate but keeps out water. The adhesive pad conforms to your body shape, allowing the bandages to be used on fingers, elbows, knees.

If you have cuts, scrapes, blisters, or other small wounds, this is the ideal brand for you. Similar to the strip size of what you would find in a box of bandaids, these transparent strips are ideal for minor skin care aid. The most common place to have these kinds of injuries happen in everyday life is on the hands, arms, elbows, knees, heels, and ankles, so the conforming nature of the Nexcare bandages makes them perfect for regular use.

2. Band-Aid Hydro Seal Waterproof Bandages


This pack of three bandages is ideal for long-term wear, and seals out water, dirt, and germs. The cushioned bandages have “see it working” technology, wherein a white bubble appears on the bandage within 24 hours of application, indicating an ideal healing environment.

The bandages measure 2.44 by 2.75 inches, and are designed to protect blisters as well as other wounds. They are unsuitable for using around fingers, for example, due to their size and inflexibility.

However, they are great to use on flatter areas of the body such as the chest and legs. Laboratory testing has shown these bandages to be 100% waterproof for up to 7 days of washing and showering, so for long term protection for injuries and wounds, they are ideal. This is one of the products that has good reviews, important when choosing a skin care brand.

3. 3M Tegaderm Roll


The Tegaderm Roll is a long-length adhesive bandage, 4 inches wide, that can be cut to the required length after dressing or wrapping the wound. Fully flexible, no restriction to movement is encountered during the use of this product.

The roll can be used on many different body parts as it conforms to body shape, and is also waterproof as well as dirt and germ-proof.

Strongly self-adhesive, it is recommended to use this product with another dressing beneath as there is no padded area for covering wounds. It is not sterile, but provides all the benefits of surgical tape with the addition of protection from the elements.

This allows traditional dressings to be used and made waterproof with an overlay of the Tegaderm roll, providing more flexibility in use and peace of mind for the user, knowing that the dressing is firmly attached and not likely to fall off due to moisture.

4. Viewm Kinesiology Tape


Kinesiology tape is used by athletes to provide support and assist in injury recovery for a variety of conditions, most notably for joint support and muscular injuries.

This tape is 2 inches wide and 16.5 feet long, and can be trimmed to the length appropriate for use. It is elasticated and can be stretched to almost twice its original length, and remains waterproof in use.

Ideal for helping to relieve the problems associated with day-to-day aches and pains, and convenient enough to not need re-application after contact with water.

Kinesiology tape is not suitable for covering wounds or blisters as the entire inner surface is self-adhesive, requiring an extra dressing to prevent damage when removing the tape. In most instances, the waterproofing of the tape is in reference to the adhesion, suggesting that it will not be weakened by contact water. It is not designed to keep the surface of the skin dry below the tape, only to provide muscular and skeletal support.

Summary – Waterproof Bandaging

At the end of the day, the best waterproof adhesive brands for your cuts or wounds will properly cover and close off the wound so it can stay free of infection and have time to properly heal. 

When we conduct reviews of products, we always try do the best research into the brands we recommend and give you a link to the online store where they are avaialable. We take our consumer product reviews very serious and hope this is helpful in finding the right waterproof tape.