Zero Gravity Massage Chairs – Best Chair in 2020


If you have ever seen any film with astronauts blasting off into space, you will probably have a good idea of how one would sit in a Zero Gravity Massage Chair. The slightly reclined position stabilizes the body and allows for alignment of the spine and lifts the legs and feet above the heart level to relieve pressure.

In a rocket launch, this position absorbs g-forces and stabilizes the body for launching to space. In a Zero Gravity Massage Chair, this position is ideal for maximum relaxation and stress relief. The appeal of such massage chairs is the total body massage and relaxation, at home, that they offer.

Choosing the perfect product for your personal needs can be a bit challenging. Just like any other product in the modern world, options are vast. You will find a wide range of features, prices, specifications, and aesthetics to choose from in just a few minutes of searching online. That is why I have taken the time to compile a small list of options for you to consider.

In this list I will cover some of the basic functionalities of each product, what sets them apart, what their appeal is, and their pros and cons. Hopefully, this will be informative and help you make the choice that is best for you and your specific needs.

The Ten Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs On the Market 2020

Let’s look at ten of the best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs available today.

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1. Ootori 0G Massage Chair


The Ootori unit is a massage chair with a modern and sleek look, packed full of features and options for a great full-body relaxation massage. The Ootori comes in both brown and black, making it a natural fit into most home decor. The chair will recline from slight recline to deep settings. This means that you will receive the full range of recline during your massage session.

The Ootori comes equipped with smart body sensors that automatically detect your unique body shape and adjust to the alignment of your spine personally. This offers a much more customized full body massage experience than a standard massage chair. So, in essence, instead of having to adjust the chair to fit your spine length manually, the chair will do that itself.

In addition to this, you will also receive great comfort features that come along with the chair. Features such as heated massage and Bluetooth connectivity are included. These chairs also have fully customizable message settings. Every one of these features is designed to offer a full-body relaxation that has made Ootori such a famous brand. Ootori really brings the heat with this one.

  • Potent massage capabilities for deep tissue targeting
  • A wide range of massage settings for speed, strength, target areas, etc.
  • Sleek and compact design perfect for any living room without taking up too much space.
  • The reclining mechanism is a bit noisy


The Ootori Chair is a pretty impressive piece of furniture. The wide range of features makes it a safe bet for virtually anyone in the market for a massage chair. The design is sleek, yet slightly futuristic. This means that it may not fit your personal desired aesthetic, although the chair is beautiful nonetheless. Overall the Ootori is an excellent choice for someone who wishes to have a wide range of general options, rather than a small selection of targeted options. The Ootori is an excellent option for those who do not have any specific preferences, and instead want a wide range of potential choices.

– Overall Rating: 4/5

2. RelaxonChair MK-Classic Massage Chair


The RelaxonChair MK-Classic Unit is a rather impressive chair when considering it from a technological standpoint. The RelaxonChair boasts one of the most extended L-Track contouring systems on the market at 50 inches. This means that users from a wide range of heights will be able to receive the full benefits of the massage track from the base of the skull to the upper buttocks. Tall or short, this chair will work the same for you.

The RelaxonChair MK-Classic also comes with yoga stretching capabilities. It can perform relaxing stretches on the upper and lower parts of the body that simulate targeted stretches seen in yoga. This means that you will not only get a full body massage, but you can also enjoy pressure-relieving stretching before or after. This is perfect for those who find themselves feeling particularly stiff throughout the day, and need a bit of loosening in the muscles and joints.

The chair itself is incredibly technologically advanced and well built. However, for some, the look of the unit leaves something to be desired. Although, if you do not care too much about the chair appearing perfectly aesthetically pleasing, the features alone make this chair a worthwhile investment.

  • Extremely durable build that is designed for years of use.
  • Simple control design that takes little time to learn.
  • An excellent warranty that guarantees satisfaction and quality.
  • The chair design is a little aesthetically ‘clunky.’
  • Slightly larger than competing models.


The RelaxonChair MK-Classic is precisely what it says it is, a classic seated-massage experience. The overall experience of the chair is simply-designed and excellently therapeutic. However, the design itself looks rather clinical, and may not fit every home decor. However, for everyday therapeutic use, this chair is tough to beat. This chair is perfect for those who want the quintessential feel, and care very little about sleek and modern designs.

– Overall rating: 3.8/5

3. HRelax Zero-Gravity Massage Chair


The HRelax strays a bit from the stereotypical design. It features a much warmer and softer tone rather than the almost clinical features most competitors have. However, the softness of how it is designed is not at the expense of therapeutic performance.

Where the HRelax excels, in particular, is the shiatsu massage settings. While not exclusive to the HRelax units, HRelax does handle shiatsu very well. The full-body airbag system offers customizable pressure levels that provide full-body shiatsu squeezing and pressure point targeting throughout the massage. This feature is incredibly relaxing, and pressure levels are firm yet not too tight to make the experience comfortable for everyone.

The HRelax is also extremely compact, which means that it will take up very little space within your home. While most Zero-Gravity products are rather bulky, the HRelax is very discreet. The reclining track on the chair will slide forward smoothly while reclining to minimize the space required. You will only need about 4 inches of clearance from the wall to get a full recline.

  • Compact design that will not take up much room.
  • Impressive shiatsu features.
  • Easy to move around with built-in wheels underneath.
  • Fewer settings options than some competing chairs.


The HRelax Zero-Gravity Massage Chair is a really decent entry point into the relaxation market. The chair is reasonably priced, compact, and comes with just enough features to give you the zero-gravity feel without being overly complicated or clinical. Where it lacks in diverse settings options, it makes up for in quality of the limited options it does offer. The HRelax is great for newcomers to the scene and is easily accessible to all ages.

– Overall Rating: 3.7/5.0

4.Apex AP – Titan Zero-Gravity Massage Chair


The Apex AP is a futuristic design, with plenty of bells and whistles to adequately treat the user, no matter what their needs. The most impressive aspect of this product is the ‘Pomp’ model the foot massage feature. The strong, yet smooth rollers on the bottom of the footrest, matched with the airbags and calf massagers make any end of workday relaxation a highlight.

The Apex AP comes with four pre-programmed massage settings, as well as the chance to customize your very own preset massage routines. You can make your way through the feature options like heat for the seat and airbags, find the ones you enjoy the most, and create your very own massage-routine that will deliver your personalized delivery every time.

The Apex AP is also FDA certified as a medical device. This means that you are guaranteed FDA approved massage treatment when you purchase this one. Overall, very few bad things can be said about the APEX AP.

  • FDA approved for medical treatment.
  • Dual-action foot rollers offer excellent foot and leg massage.
  • A targeted glute massage that relaxes the entire lower body.
  • Isn’t the quietest chair around, and tends to make some noise from the air compressor.


The Apex AP – Titan Chair is one of the truly top-notch products on the market in form and function. The price point is competitive, and the design is very stylish and modern. The high end experience of the lower body massage is what really sets this chair apart from competitors, as well as the option to create customized preset massage routines. The Apex AP is perfect for those who spend the entire day on their feet and need an exceptional lower body massage experience. Although, the full body massage isn’t half bad either.

– Overall Rating: 4.5/5.0

5. KTN Massage-Chair


The KTN unit is an incredible value when it comes to price-point. It is one of the few Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs that can be had for around $1,000 and maintains the value and feel of a much more expensive competitor.

The KTN comes with 38 compression airbags that offer firm pressure along every point of the body. The air compressor on the KTN is strikingly quiet, whereas competing popular products tend to be quite noisy when filling the airbags with pressure.

The KTN is also exceptionally lightweight. Whereas the average competing Zero Gravity Massage Chair will come in around 200+ lbs, the KTN Zero-Gravity Massage Chair is just over 180lbs. This means that transporting the chair is much more convenient than competing models. Moving and relocating this chair will be a breeze.

  • Excellent price/quality value.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver when moving.
  • Operates quietly, and discreetly which makes evening use much more convenient.


The KTN is a beautiful chair that offers plenty of features to satisfy users, without blowing the budget. As a more cost-efficient chair, it will have some slight feature drawbacks that one may find undesirable when making their choice of relaxation products. However, for the price and what you get, it’s hard to criticize the KTN too harshly. Overall, this is an excellent chair for those who want therapeutic massages without making any substantial financial investments.

– Overall Rating: 3.7/5.0

6. Real Relax Massage Chair


The Real Relax Zero-Gravity Massage Chair offers a unique massage spa ambiance. The combined function of the color-changing LED lights, with high-quality Bluetooth speakers, makes for a very relaxing atmosphere. The chair itself is designed with a cozy atmosphere in mind, after all.

The Bluetooth speakers offer you the chance to connect your device to the chair and play your unique relaxation sounds and music. Paired with the atmosphere creating LEDs, and you have yourself a full spa experience from the comfort of your own home.

The Real Relax product allows for adjustable height settings. It is perfect for ranges from 5’2″ – 6’2″, so nearly everyone will enjoy a completely relaxed and comfortable fit within this chair. The design itself is aesthetic, and sturdy, although it will require some assembly upon delivery before use.

  • Excellent speaker quality and atmosphere creating features.
  • Comfortable and stylish leather upholstery that feels nice on the skin.
  • Intuitive one-hand controls for ease of use.
  • Some set up required. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get the chair up and running upon opening.
  • The airbag pressure can be a bit intense for those who prefer a softer touch.


If atmosphere is your top priority, look no further than the Real Relax chair. This chair offers a full spa experience that is designed to be customizable and unique. While the airbag pressure and roller strength can be a bit intense for newcomers, overall, most users will find the power of the chair itself rather pleasing. The fact that there is a small amount of assembly upon unboxing might be a downer for some. However, the construction is effortless for most and usually only takes 15-20 minutes. Overall, this chair is excellent for creating a spa experience at home.

– Overall Rating: 4.1/5.0

7. Oontori – Tinycooper Zero-Gravity Massage Chair.


Making another appearance on the list is the always reliable Oontori. This time with the ‘Tinycooper’ model. The Tinycooper is much closer to a massaging lounge chair than a straight Zero-Gravity Massage Chair. While the Tinycooper maintains all of the standard feature sets of a similar product, it comes in a much more recognizable lounge chair style.

The Tinycooper features a stylish high-backed leather lounge chair style, and still fully reclines into the Zero-Gravity position. Whereas most products have the appearance of rocket ship capsules, this model will look far more at home among your other furniture pieces.

The modern design does not come without drawbacks, however. Due to the lounge chair design, the Tinycooper will require a bit more wall clearance for full reclining. In addition, the total capacity of the massage seat will require the user to be around 6’0″ or shorter. This means that it may not be optimal for significantly taller individuals. Overall the chair itself is incredibly stylish and comfortable. If maintaining a more traditional recliner aesthetic is essential, this is the one for you.

  • Stylish design that fits more naturally within typical home decor.
  • Very sturdy build that feels comfortable and durable at the same time.
  • Tranquil and discreet operation, the motor and the air pumps hardly make any noise.
  • TNot optimal for very tall users.
  • Requires a bit more wall clearance for Zero Gravity reclining modes.


The Ootori Tinycooper is an excellent choice for those who concern themselves with their massage chairs fitting into their decore a bit more seamlessly. This is perhaps among the most attractive Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs on the market today. However, the design lends itself to being somewhat restrictive in user height and room clearance. It reclines a bit more like a traditional recliner, rather than a standard Massage Chair. Because of this, you should take more care when considering room placement. Though overall, the chair will not take up any more space than a standard La-Z-Boy recliner would.

– Overall Rating: 3.8/5.0

8. Ospirit R Rothania Massage Chair.


The Ospirit R Rothania is a standard Zero-Gravity Massage Chair with a slight twist in certain areas. The feature offerings are executed in unique ways. For instance, the 8-point shiatsu massagers of competing products are typically fixed point massagers; this means they only rotate without moving entirely. On the R Rothania, the shiatsu massagers are moving rollers with pressure point activators. This offers a more unique and dynamic shiatsu experience than other competing chairs.

Additionally, the digital backlit control panel offers an easy to use and diverse user interface that can be controlled while barely lifting a finger. While some may prefer the remote control style of competing massage chairs, this panel is rather sturdy and comes with a few more control feature-options for you to play around with.

The heating options on the R Rothania are excellent, and provide a steady muscle releasing warmth that will not burn, or fall short of expectations. As Goldilocks once said, ‘it’s just right.’ One thing to note is that the Zero-Gravity recline on the R Rothania is not quite as far back as most competing products. You will still get the programs effect, though it won’t be to the fullest extent that some competing chairs offer.

  • Dynamic back rollers that are not ‘fixed position’ and cover more surface area and options.
  • A digital panel rather than remote, this provides a more unique and customizable user experience.
  • Excellent three-year warranty.
  • Zero Gravity reclining is not as full form as competing brands.
  • Will require a brief set up upon unboxing.


The Ospirit R Rothania is a refreshing take compared to similar units. The way that the R Rothania handles the shiatsu massagers is unique and breaks away from the typically fixed point massagers seen on competing chairs. This may take some getting used to for experienced Chair owners. The Zero-Gravity reclining is lackluster, however, it will only be so to experienced users. Newcomers to Zero-Gravity will not notice a real difference. Overall the Ospirit R Rothania is a somewhat different approach to the norm and should be one to consider when shopping for a quality massaging machine.

  • Overall Rating: 3.9/5.0

9. Breakthrough 6 v4 Massage Chair


The Breakthrough 6 v4 model can almost be referred to as the ‘Ferrari’ of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs. That is, it is quite expensive and luxurious and worth every cent to those who can spare the cost. This massage chair is the culmination of doctor tested and funded research, and it shows.

While the chair itself is rather clinical and ‘bulky’ in appearance, I assure you it is exceptionally comfortable. This chair offers perhaps the broadest range of preset massage techniques available on the market today. You will be able to choose from massage techniques ranging from Turkish style massage, shiatsu, Greek stress relief, ancient Roman therapy, Swedish massage, yoga stretching, and much, much more.

While the chair itself is on the larger side, it actually requires very little room in your home for reclining. The Breakthrough 6 v4 only requires roughly 3 inches of clearance from the wall to fully recline. Due to all of the upgrades, and exceptional range of worldwide massage style presets, this chair comes with an equally hefty price tag. Keep that in mind, when doing your shopping. In the case of the Breakthrough 6 v4, you are surely getting what you pay for.

  • A seemingly endless list of worldwide massage style presets to enjoy and explore.
  • Unobtrusive design that requires very little space to recline and enjoy thoroughly
  • Incredibly comfortable and durable design that feels top-notch to the touch.
  • The price tag may be a bit off-putting for newcomers to the Zero Gravity Massage Chair market.


Overall, the Breakthrough 6 v4 is an expensive yet luxurious 0-Gravity Massage Chair experience. You are getting what you pay for here. It is essentially a chair with a limitless amount of presets and options to take advantage of, top-notch comfort, and imposing and durable build quality. The only real set back that I can see with this chair is that it does not feel as easily accessible for newcomers in regards to the cost of entry. This isn’t precisely a beginner’s chair. But it sure is a great one for long term use. The mindset to have when exploring the Breakthrough 6 v4  0-Gravity Massage Chair should always be ‘pay more now to save later.’

– Overall rating: 4.7/5

10.Kahuna Superior 0-Gravity Massage Chair


The Kahuna Superior Zero Gravity Massage Chair might as well be called ‘The Big Kahuna.’ This chair is big. But don’t consider that a bad thing just yet. The size is actually slightly deceiving and remains unobtrusive. By ‘big,’ I mean that this chair can adjust to fit much taller individuals than a large amount of competing options on the market.

With a height functionality that can reach up to 6’5″, even tall individuals can take full advantage of the Kahuna Superior. Not only is the Kahuna Superior designed with the tall in mind, but it also comes with a slightly broader frame to accommodate larger body frames in general. Never fear though, you do not have to be an NFL linebacker to use the Kahuna Superior. Even smaller framed individuals can still get full use out of this Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

The Kahuna somehow manages to accommodate much larger body types than competing chairs, while still maintaining a sleek and elegant design that doesn’t feel obtrusive in your home living space. Overall this is an excellent Zero Gravity Massage Chair for those who want to experience total body relaxation, but find themselves a bit too tall for the seat of other electric massage brands.

  • Perfect for almost any body type from short and slim, to big and tall.
  • Acupressure points in the armrests ensure that even your arms and hands are getting the best quality massage.
  • Air-cell hip massager help with any athletes or elderly that may be suffering from hip pain.
  • The quality of the upholstery leaves something to be desired, although it isn’t an absolute let down.


The Kahuna Superior Zero Gravity Massage Chair is the perfect chair for anyone who wants a wide range of body types to be able to take advantage of it. Where competing massage chairs may not accommodate larger and taller frames in the seat, the Kahuna Superior has no problem. That isn’t all it has going for it, however. The Kahuna Superior still comes with all of the top-notch bells and whistles that one would expect from any Zero Gravity Massage Chair on a top 10 list. Overall, the Kahuna Superior is an excellent choice for anyone, big or small. Great reviews from tall people.

– Overall rating: 4.1/5

Final Thoughts

Ultimately the choice of what features, design, price point, and overall feel you desire is going to be up to your own personal preference. When you begin your search for a high-quality Zero Gravity Massage Chair, you are going to be slammed with a seemingly endless list of options that on the surface will all appear to be the same. However, there are always going to be slight variances and differences that you should be aware of.

When shopping for a Zero Gravity Massage Chair, it is crucial to keep in mind the features that you want, and cannot live without. This way, you can narrow down your search drastically by focusing on the key features you desire, and forgo the excess features that matter little to your preferences.

In general, however, there are a few things that you should always consider no matter what:

Is the chair the right size to accommodate your body type and the body types of your friends and family who may be using it?

Do the features justify the cost, as opposed to cheaper models?

What are the warranty details? When it comes to a substantial investment like a Zero Gravity Massage Chair, you want to ensure your purchase is protected to the fullest extent possible.

I hope that this list has been handy in your search. Ultimately, there are far more options available on the market than just the ten mentioned above. If none of the above-mentioned chairs seem appealing to you, feel free to do your own research. Hopefully, this list gave you a rather good sample size view of the full range of options available within the Zero Gravity Massage Chair market. Although, I am confident that anyone in the market for a top-quality Zero Gravity Massage Chair will find the right one above no matter what.

With all things considered, happy shopping, and may your future be filled with relaxation and full-body therapeutic care!