Comminuted Fracture

Comminuted Fracture


Bones are the most resilient body part of humans. But still, they are not invincible. Too much force can break them into pieces. A comminuted fracture is a breakage of the bone into more than two fragments. It takes a considerable force, such as an auto accident to fragment the bone to such a degree. External fixation like casts and splints are not sufficient to treat this type of fracture. They usually require surgery to restructure the bone. One can return to normal life after receiving proper treatment, recovery and rehabilitation.

Comminuted Fracture

A comminuted fracture can be an open fracture as well as closed fracture. An open comminuted fracture may lead to a complication because as a result of this kind of injury internal body tissues are exposed to the environment. An infection usually follows this kind of injury. This is one of the common complications.

A minor bone can have this kind of fracture if it receives a pressure of around 9-13 pounds. A slightly bigger bone just as the one like femur are much stronger than others. They can sustain much pressure but are fractured under 160 pressure.


Age and Bone Diseases

Despite the fact that an extraordinary power is important to break a bone, it might in any case happen even with low weight. One explanation behind this is fragile or powerless bones. The basic reasons for the debilitating of the bones are different conditions, for example, bone tumor, osteoporosis, osteosarcoma, and osteogenesis imperfecta.

Another contributing variable of fragile bones is age. As a man get aged, bone crumbling may happen. For ladies, their bones will begin to lose its minerals like calcium after menopause. This is likewise valid for incessant smokers. A typical solution for this is to expand calcium consumption.


Most of the fractures occur because of a mishap. Nonetheless, comminuted fractures will just happen if the mischance includes extraordinary weight. The normal accidents that can exact an extraordinary measure of power are an auto accident, tumbling from a high place, and a gunshot wound.

Comminuted Fracture X-ray

X-ray Of A Comminuted Fracture


One can usually tell when they are experiencing a serious trauma like a fracture

  • This fracture will cause an excruciating agony in light of different reasons. Initial, various pain receptors are encompassing the bone. Another conceivable reason is because of swelling in the encompassing region of the breaks. Muscles will likewise contact to hold the cracked bone, which brings about horrifying agony.
  • Due to outrageous pain, a few people will black out.
  • It will cause inflammation in the encompassing zone of the breaks, search for signs, for example, swelling, warmth, and skin staining or redness.
  • Because of outrageous torment, one may experience serious difficulties moving or conveying certain articles.

Treatment and Recovery

Treatment for a comminuted fracture can prove to be testing. Be that as it may, the body has a system that will help repair the harmed bone. Along these lines, the essential objective of the treatment is to reconnect the broken bits of bones.

  • To analyze the condition, the specialist will arrange a X-ray. He may likewise ask for a computed tomography (CT) sweep to completely consider the seriousness of the fracture.
  • A specialist will complete an open reduction when the bone parts are stuck together utilizing surgical nails, wires, plates, and screws. This is important to reconnect the broken bits of bones.
  • After the surgery, the region beneath or more the break must be immobilized utilizing a fiberglass cast, supports, and mortars.
  • For spinal surgeries, customary approach will in all probability fizzle. A superior approach is the vertebroplasty. It is a surgical method which involves the infusion of cement in the broken vertebrae in order to stabilize it.