Health Benefits Of Avocado Oil


It appears that one of the fastest growing food and health trends circulate around the avocado. The avocado is known as a tree and a fruit. This delicious fruit was originally grown in the southern part of Central Mexico. It is important that this type of fruit is grown in the perfect temperature and atmosphere. Avocados are prone to catching bacterial and nutritional diseases that can compromise the quality of the fruit. Three of the main places in which avocado grows is in Mexico, Peru and California. Avocados can be pressed to release the oil from this fruit. The juices that flow from this tasty fruit is known as avocado oil. Avocado oil is used in cosmetics, as food oil, cooking oil, for skincare purposes and medicinal purposes. The oil from this fruit it squeezed from the avocado itself and not the seed.

Health Benefits 

Once people hear the word avocado, they usually think of guacamole. However, adding the words avocado and oil together make for a healthy snack. The richness of the avocado oil has many promising health benefits. Below is a list of the amazing health benefits from avocado oil. 

  • Packed with vitamins: It is no wonder that people love to eat avocado oil, it tastes scrumptious. However, aside from the taste, it is jam-packed with vitamins. Vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C, E and K can all be found in the oil. Minerals like iron, folate and potassium are also in avocado oil.  
  • Rich in acids: The fatty acids that are found in the avocado oil have had a major impact on the heart. The cardiovascular system needs a little extra love and that’s where avocado oil comes in. The richness in the fatty acids can help lower cholesterol.  
  • Has antioxidants: It is no wonder that people love living off fruits from the earth. Avocado oil contains a key antioxidant, lutein, which helps prevent eye disease.  
  • Tons of fiber: Forget about eating the boring cardboard cereal to increase your fiber intake. Avocado oil is rich in fiber and can help reduce the risk of many diseases. Avocado oil can also help stimulate bowel movements if there is a little trouble down under.  
  • Clears skins issues: When your skin is not up to par as you like, make a chance. Avocado oil is one of the key ingredients in many skincare products. Those who suffer from dry skin, redness, itchiness and chronic psoriasis should apply avocado oil to their skin. The oil helps to naturally clear up the redness and dryness of the skin. After applying the oil, your skin will feel as soft as a baby’s bottom.  
  • Prevents gingivitis: Who said that gum disease can only be treated with mouth-related products. Avocado oil contains properties that cause inflammation to decrease, especially from gum disease. This is a natural way to prevent bleeding gums.  
  • Repairs hair: It is no coincidence that the hair stylist is always treating your hair with avocado oil. The richness in vitamins, especially vitamin E, allows your hair to remain healthier and it grows faster.  
  • Assists with arthritis symptoms: The anti-inflammatory properties of avocado oil make it the perfect (natural) product to reduce arthritis symptoms.  


How to Use 

Knowing how to use avocado oil properly is the first step in leading a healthier lifestyle. Here are the ways in how to add a little avocado oil love to your daily life.  

  • Use as a salad dressing 
  • Swap it with cooking oil  
  • Add it into your favorite smoothie 
  • Drizzle onto grilling meat 
  • Use it when baking 
  • Sauté fresh veggies and add to stir fry  
  • Apply to the skin 
  • Use a frying oil


Best Products  

Below is a list of the best avocado oil products. 

  • Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil- This bottle of avocado oil usually has a retail value price of $20. This type of oil can be used in the kitchen for cooking or frying purposes. This high-quality product will give you great results.  
  • Tropical Holistic Avocado Oil- This type of avocado oil is organically-made specifically for hair, skin and beauty purposes. This avocado oil is good to use for up to 12 months. This oil will give your skin the refreshing makeover it needs.  
  • Now Solutions Avocado Oil- This moisturizing oil is perfect for the skin. The hydrating solutions found in this product will leave you feeling beautiful, confident and healthy.