Health Benefits Of Red Wine


One of the most celebrated and delicious types of alcoholic drinks known to mankind is red wine. The earliest form of introduction of red wine (known to man) was displayed in 6,000B.C. The grapevines that have carefully selected to make Cabernet Sauvignon are one of the fastest growing vines in the world. A variety of perfectly selected group of dark colored grapes have come together to make delicious red wine. Not only is red wine delicious, but it also has many health benefits.

Health Benefits

For those who are of legal drinking age, a few sips of red wine can be very beneficial to your body. Of course, there should be no reason to down a bottle of Merlot by yourself, but enjoying good company with a delicious glass of red wine is acceptable! One of the most important things to remember is the pour size. Men are “allowed” two 5-ounce glasses of red wine per day and women are “allowed” only one. It is essential to understand that overpouring or overindulging in wine can cause more damage to your body. Keep in mind that a glass of wine a day keeps the heart attack at bay. Here are the top health benefits of red wine.

Reduces the risk of a stroke

The idea that alcohol can reduce the risk of a stroke is commonly spoken about all types of alcoholic beverages and not just limited to red wine. The kicker to drinking red wine as opposed to other alcoholic drinks is that the component, resveratrol, acts like a blood thinner and helps reduce the risk of a stroke.

Full of nutrition

Who says that you can only get vitamins and nutritional value from eating bland foods or boring cereal. Red wine contains many minerals and vitamins that can help increase your body’s nutrition intake. Some of the ingredients found in red wine are potassium, vitamin B6 and B12, fluoride and iron.

Helps keep heart disease at a distance

Aside from the brain and lungs, the heart is a major organ of the body that should be kept healthy at all times. To help kick heart disease out the door, drinking small quantities of red wine can help. Red wine contains procyanidins, which can help prevent heart disease. The antioxidant found in red wine is also responsible for kicking into high gear the protein, sirtuin 1. This protein helps decrease the risk of inflammation of the hear.

Increase longevity

It is no wonder that those living on the Mediterranean diet tend to live slightly longer than others. Those who choose this food diet, have added wine into their daily repertoire. Resveratrol helps increase longevity due to the anti-aging component in red wine.

Reduces stress

The use of red wine to reduce stress should not be used habitually but in moderation. The delicious effect red wine has on the brain can help relieve stress and help with your brain health. The molecules in red wine help trigger a section of the brain that can help calm the body’s nerves and help relax a person’s stress level.

Listed above are some of the more important health benefits of red wine, here is a small list of other notable health benefits of red wine:

  • Improves skin
  • Reduces risk of cancer, especially breast cancer
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Prevents loss of vision
  • Protects against sunburns
  • Decreases risk of type-2 diabetes
  • Helps flush out toxins from the body

After reading this article you may want to pour yourself a glass of wine, but make sure that you do not overindulge in red wine. Alcohol consumption should be done properly and in moderation.