Health Benefits Of Sage


Sage is a beautiful flower that has blue and purple petals that bud from grayish leaves. This type of subshrub is commonly used in the Mediterranean region of the world as well as their cuisine. Aside from the culinary use of sage, it is also known as common sage and used for medicinal purposes. A close-up view of this salvia officinalis or true sage reveals a purplish appearance of a flower beginning to open its heart to the world. Most of the sage grown throughout the world can be found in plenty during late spring and summer.


Some scientists, culinary artists and many do-it-yourself experts may think that they were the first to figure out that sage can be used for all kinds of amazing things. This is completely false. Sage has been around for thousands of years and it use throughout the years has always been present and evolved. Historical evidence shows that people from ancient Roman and Greek times used sage to heal snakebites, increase a woman’s fertility, assist as a local anesthetic and ward off evil. Most of the mentioned uses are considered medicinal, unlike the thought of warding off evil. The thought of warding off evil with sage is similar to warding off vampires with garlic, it is simply a myth. Besides medicinal uses for sage, it is one of the important herbs in the culinary world. Sage belongs to the mint family and therefore it has been notably used in many dishes such as the Italian saltimbocca and in Lincolnshire sausages. The use of sage not only stops at culinary and medicinal, but it also includes essential oils. Sage has been transformed to be used as a beneficial essential oil that can help heal pain.


Health Benefits

There is quite a bit of evidence to determine that sage has been used in the past and has had outstanding results. The health benefits of using sage as an essential oil, a culinary herb and for medicinal use appear endless. Here at some of the health benefits of sage.

  • Decreases Cardiovascular problems: One of the most important ingredients found in sage is salvigenin. This part of the flower has been known to protect the heart against disease and blocked arteries.
  • Improved skin: The skin is an important part of the body and should be treated with respect. The use of sage on the skin can help conditions such as acne and eczema. The antioxidants that come from the sage also help reduce damage to skin and provide an anti-ageing component.
  • Prevents or controls the symptoms of diabetes: Adding sage to your diet can help decrease the risk of diabetes. Blood sugar and cholesterol levels naturally begin to lower after the consumption of sage.
  • Helps reduce the risk of hair loss: Using sage as an essential oil is a great way to reduce the risk of premature balding or hair loss. This is because it contains the component, beta-sitosterol, that helps reduce baldness.
  • Decreases risk of gum disease and cankers: Gargling a mixture of sage and tea can help remove cankers and reduce the risk of infections and gum disease.
  • Contained essential vitamins: There are many important vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C that can help with increase iron in the body.
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory properties: The most common use of sage is as a topical anti-inflammatory cream to help with health problems such as arthritis.
  • Helps treat asthma: Thousands of people suffer from asthma. The use of sage can effectively help prevent asthma attacks as well as clear the congestion caused from mucus.


  • Helps treat the common cold: Sage tea is a delicious drink that can help clear a sore throat.
  • Assists in slowing down Alzheimer’s: A small dose a day of sage for treating Alzheimer’s’ disease can help reduce the side effects that this disease brings. It helps improve the memory and brain function.
  • Helps with heartburn and indigestion: Sage is part of the mint family. It has vitamins to help relieve symptoms of indigestion and other gastrointestinal issues.
  • Stimulates hair growth: Similar to treating hair loss, the uses of sage mixed with other herbs such  can help improve the scalp and increase hair growth.