Health Benefits Of Sesame Seeds


The budding flower plant of Sesamum indicum has nutritional value. From this flowering plant little pods are found that are known as sesame seeds. Sesame seeds may look like useless little things placed on buns and bagels, but they are more. The world’s biggest and largest producers of sesame seeds include India, Sudan and Tanzania. The sesame seed was discovered over 3,000 years ago in Africa. Over time, the sesame plant made its way over to Asia and other parts of the world. Out of every seed in the world, the sesame seed has more oil contents than all. Asian dishes, Mexican cuisine and American food all have incorporated this essential treat to their dishes. However, it is important to remember that like many other foods, a sesame seed allergy can be harmful to some people.  

Health Benefits 

Although the root word of sesame means “liquid fat”, the truth is that sesame seeds are rich in nutrition. 

  • Helps the heart: Everyone should be keeping an eye out for heart health. It is never too late to start eating healthier and why not start with sesame seeds. These seeds have antioxidant properties that help make the heart pump better.  
  • Helps with skin health: The skin is often forgot about as an important organ of the body. Many think of organs as internal but the skin bears all the heat and weight of the “world”. Sesame seeds can help prevent sunburn, wrinkles and repair any damage of the skin tissues. It has been noted that the reduction of skin cancer can be linked to the increase of sesame seeds.  
  • Helps keep hair healthy: Most people love to keep their locks clean and healthy but are unsure of how to do that. Sesame seeds caries many vitamins such as folic acid, riboflavin and thiamin that can help with hair growth and damage. The bonus is that these vitamins are also good for the skin and eyes.  
  • Increases bone health: The key ingredients in to happy and heathy bones include, magnesium and calcium. Both of these components are found in sesame seeds. Sesame seeds can also help with treating symptoms of osteoarthritis.  
  • Improve breathing and asthma: Bodies need certain nutrients to survive and magnesium is one of them. This nutrient is found in sesame seeds and it can help prevent asthma attacks while promoting a healthy life.  
  • Prevents Diabetes: Like most natural ingredients found on earth, sesame helps prevent diabetes. Due to the high level of magnesium, the glucose levels in the body decrease with the intake of sesame seeds.  
  • Reduces stress and anxiety: There should be no need to take medication or self-medicate when it comes to anxiety. There are plenty alternatives when it comes to treating anxiety and eating sesame seeds help. Magnesium and calcium are the leading ingredients to help reduce pain, assist to mood swings and reduce stress.  

Tasty Snacks with Sesame Seeds 

Reading an article about sesame seeds is a sure way to increase one’s appetite. This article is not about cooking or recipes but it is important to learn a meal or two that has sesame seeds. Here are some dishes that can be made with sesame seeds that are healthy and tasty!  

  • Sesame Chicken: Most Asian restaurants offer sesame chicken meals. But, not all of these meals are made with healthy ingredients. Often, they contain extra fat and unnecessary amounts of sugar. This scrumptious and healthy sesame chicken recipes will put your other dishes to shame.  
  • Sesame Shrimp: If you are a fish lover, why not go for some shrimp? This recipe includes other healthy ingredients to boost the immune system and help with heart health. Some of the ingredients of this dish include: sesame oil and seeds, avocado oil and scallions.  
  • Sesame Seed Dessert Balls: With a cook and prep time of less than 30 minutes, these famous Chinese desserts are sure to please any crowd. Even though this dessert requires frying, an alternative use for frying oil is avocado oil.  
  • Sesame Seed Dressing: Instead of store-bought dressing, learn to make homemade salad dressing from sesame seeds. This dressing contains five simple ingredients including, sesame seeds and oil. It doubles the sesame goodness! 
  • Chickpea and Rice Pie: This may not be a traditional apple pie but it does wonders for the body and heart health. Adding ingredients such as chickpea flour, sesame seeds and cooked chickpeas together brings forth a tasty dish.