Hot Ear Causes



One of the most famous artists in the world cut this organ off of their body, do you know who? Vincent Van Gogh cut off his own ear and painted a self-portrait that distinctly shows one ear but not the other. The organ of the body that is responsible for hearing and keeping balance is the ear. The ear has three sections, which are the inner, middle and outer. The outer section of the ear appears outside and opens into the ear canal. The middle part of the ear is responsible for amplifying, receiving and transmitting sounds. The inner part of the ear is where vibrations are transmitted. Even though many people think of the ear as a canvas for tattoos and piercings, the main function of the ear is hearing. The sound waves that travel through the different sections of the ear allow us to hear people speaking, sounds, noises and music. Unfortunately, there are certain circumstances during pregnancy and in life that cause one to lose or have damaged hearing. Besides from hearing, the ear provides balance. At times the ears become hot. This annoying but real incident can happen when you are frustrated, upset or angry.  


Here are some of the symptoms of hot ear. 

  • Burning sensation 
  • Hot ear 
  • Redness 
  • Inflammation


There are different reasons that your ears can feel like they are going to burn off of your face. Here are some of the causes of hot ears.  

  • Weather and/or environment- Baby, it’s cold outside and the snow is starting to fall. When the winter time comes rolling in, expect your ears to feel cold and red. Wind, cold temperatures and extreme heat can all cause your ears to swell up in a ball of redness. Wearing proper headwear can help prevent ear redness. Ear muffs, hats and sunscreen are all great things to plop on your body when the temperatures and wind chill are not in your favor.  
  • Red ear syndrome- Yes, there is really a syndrome out there that makes your ear or ears turn red. Although this medical condition is very rare, it can cause a burning sensation to flow through the ears and can last minutes or hours. Unfortunately, doctors have yet to find a specific cause for this syndrome. Other symptoms that are associated with this syndrome include sneezing and coughing. Constant migraines and headaches are big contributing factors to this red ear syndrome.  
  • Ear infection- Everyone from toddlers, adults and the elderly are at risk of catching an ear infection or two in their lives. The middle ear is the part of the ear that suffers the most from an infection and can cause ear pain, headaches and a hot ear.  
  • Allergic reaction- It is not often that redness offers in the form of a hot ear but sometimes an allergic reaction can cause hot ear. Insect stings or certain detergent products can come in contact with the skin and cause your ears to appear hot and burn.  
  • Uncontrollable emotions- If you have just finishing yelling at your kids for drawing on the walls or making a complete mess of the your newly washed floors, then your ears may turn red from anger. But don’t worry, this form of hot ear is very common for many people. Emotions such as anger, frustration, happiness, embarrassment, love and shyness have all caused hot ears to appear on many people throughout the years. The reason for this burst of emotion in the form of a hot ear is because the adrenaline is released from your body and results in a warm touch and popping blood vessels. 


Once a doctor has determined the exact cause of your hot ear, then the treatment process can begin. In the case of emotions, there is really nothing that can be done. Your emotions will take you on a sweet ride but then your ears will calmly get back to their normal color. For infections of the ear, your doctor will prescribe the proper medication. To help reduce any discomfort or pain from hot ears, you can always try over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Most hot ears will heal themselves within minutes or hours if they have been exposed to cold or hot temperatures. The only way to avoid getting hot ears is to avoid its triggers.