How To Put KT TP On Your Ankle


Athletes from all around the world have constantly suffered from athletic injuries, both minor and major. If an injury to the ankle is minor, doctors will often request that patients use the R.I.C.E. system. This system is composed of rest, applying ice on the affected area, compression and elevation. In order to keep the ankle injury from getting worse, doctors will request that a kt tp is used, also known as elastic therapeutic tape. Learning how to put kt tp on your ankle is easy and quick.

What Is KT TP?

Elastic therapeutic tape or kt tp is an elastic strip infused with cotton that has an adhesive to hold the injured area in place. This type of tape helps relieve pain from an injury but also supports ligaments and muscles. Some athletes prefer to use kt tape even after their ankle has been healed. The reasoning behind this is because the extra support of the taping helps strengthen the muscles. By taping up an ankle, this action alone has helped prevent many ankle sports injuries. Once you learn how to put kt tp on your ankle, you’ll never use anything else to tape it.

How To Put KT TP On Your Ankle

Signs Of Ankle Injury

Unfortunately, a sprained or fractured ankle can also cause a person to where kt tp. A few of the signs of an injury to ankle include:

  • Inability to walk
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising

Ways To Get Ankle Injuries

An horrible ankle injury can end a persons’ athletic and professional career. Some of the most common sports injuries affect the ankle. Ankle injuries can occur because of the following:

  • Tripping
  • Falling
  • Sudden impact
  • Hard twist
  • Rolling the ankle
  • Running incorrectly
  • Hurting ankle after jumping
  • Rotating the ankle
  • Getting kicked in the ankle while playing sports such as soccer and rugby

How To Put KT TP On Your Ankle

How To Put KT TP On Your Ankle

Regardless of the sport that is being played, most professional athletes have their ankles taped. Unless you are a high-profile basketball or soccer player, there is no need to take your ankle before every game (unless you have an injury). Below is a complete instructions list on how to put kt tp on your ankle. Before you begin, you should know what type of injury (or prevention of injury) you have. Once you have figured that the kt tp is right for you, then you can continue with the following instructions.

Materials And Step-by-Step Guide

  • 3 strips of KT tape
  • Clean skin (do not apply lotion or oils to the area prior to wrapping)
  • The application of the kt tp should be completed no earlier than one hour before a game or any other physical activity.
  1. The best way to wrap your ankle is at a 90-degree angle.
  2. The first full strip should be placed between two and three inches above the ankle.
  3. Next, stretch the ankle to approximately 50% of its full power and roll the tape under the ankle and continue until you reach the other side.
  4. Stop stretching the ankle one the tape has received the other side of your ankle and finish applying the first strip of tape.
  5. Next, pick up the second strip of kt tp and apply it along the instep of your foot but without stretching.
  6. Following the same process as the first application, use 50% of your stretching ability and place the tape across the heel and arch of your foot.
  7. Once you have almost come full circle, reduce the stretching down to 0 and overlap the remaining small section around the side of your foot.
  8. The last full strip of the kt tape should be applied on outside of the foot; this is done without stretching.
  9. Now just like the first and second process, use 50% of your stretching capability and lay the tape across the arch and the back of the heel.
  10. Once you have completed this step, stop stretching and continue applying the tape along the inside of the foot.
  11. Lastly, make sure all the adhesive strips are securely in place.

Sometimes it helps to try taping and re-taping your ankle a few times to get the hang of it. The use of this form of taping will help give the ankle the extra support it needs to sustain from any unwanted injuries. Once you have mastered how to put kt tp on your ankle, you’ll feel better in no time. While some people may prefer strapping the ankle as opposed to tapping it, the effects are different. Strapping the ankle is only used for short periods and can reduce the blood flow to the area, which would be uncomfortable during a game. Kt tp has given athletes a chance to prolong their careers and avoid painful injures.