What is Scarguard?


Scarguard is a brand of pharmaceutical products which aid in treatment of scars and related skin conditions. Scars develop when the skin is injured as the body makes collagen to fill the gap. This area often looks different from the skin around it because in contains no pores or sweat glands. Scarguard makes a range of products which help make that area as small and inconspicuous as possible.

Four of the main products are Scarguard Repair Liquid with Vitamin E, Bruise Fader, Lightening Serum and Vitamin E Sheets.

Scarguard Repair Liquid with Vitamin E

This product was developed by a plastic surgeon and is used by plastic surgeons. It helps to shrink old scars and promotes reduced scarring after injuries like scrapes and burns. It is also used to prevent scar tissue from forming after injuries or surgery. as well as surgery.
Scarguard Repair Liquid with Vitamin E comes in a brush-on formula which prevents new scars from forming and flattens older scars. According to the company’s website. Scarguard MD uses patented technology which combines multiple medically endorsed treatments.
Once dry, the product is almost invisible, and it can be covered by makeup.

It should be noted that Scarguard is recommended for overgrown scars and not sunken ones like acne marks or stretch marks.” Scarguard will help the appearance of acne scars only if they are raised. It is not recommended for acne scars that are sunken. If you have acne scars or questions about another type of scar, please consult your dermatologist or plastic surgeon, the company advises.

Scarguard Bruise Fader

Bruises are unsightly and some take a long time to fade. Scarguard Bruise Fader is an oral preparation designed to quickly clear them away so you can feel better about your appearance. The box contains two types of tablets which work together to heal your skin: sublingual Arnica Montana and homeopathic proteolytic enzymes. Top of Form
It is recommended that you start using the product the day before receiving cosmetic injections or immediately after getting the shot. If you already have a bruise, you should use Bruise Fader as soon as possible.

There are some precautions you need to take with this product. If you use Talwin, you should not use Bruise Fader. If you are taking blood thinners or any other medication, you should consult your doctor before use. You should not take more than the prescribed dosage at a time or go over the recommended daily dosage.

Scarguard Lightening Serum

Scarguard Lightening Serum combines medical and homeopathic ingredients lighten dark scars and discoloration.
It comes in the form of a fast-absorbing gel that disappears into the skin in just seconds. No residue is left on the surface so makeup can be applied easily on top of the product.
According to Scarguard’s website: “This phenomenal product works incredibly well on all skin types! It is clinically proven to lighten darkened skin discolorations. We know of no other Over The Counter (OTC) product that is more powerful or effective for fading dark, brownish discolorations.”

Scarguard Vitamin E Sheets

Vitamin E Sheets are the fourth product available is this range. They are very thin and nearly invisible, silicone sheets. They consist of medical grade silicone infused with vitamin E. This formulation is believed to mimic the normal skin’s natural barrier function and reduce the appearance of scars of any age.

Scarguard Vitamin E Sheets are said to improve the skin’s appearance in four to six weeks. They are free of latex and antibiotics. It is believed that Vitamin E inhibits the formation of scar tissue, reduces inflammation and provides hydration while silicone has been clinically proven to help shrink scar tissue.