Six Benefits Reishi Mushrooms Have

Eastern medicine uses several types of fungi and plant life. Intriguingly, Reishi mushrooms are exceptionally common.

They have several possible health benefits, involving enhancing the immune system as well as battling cancer. Nevertheless, they may or may not be safe to use.

We are going to inform you on its possible benefits as well as risk of using these mushrooms.

What are Reishi Mushrooms?

Reishi mushrooms, also called Ganoderma lucidum and lingzhi, are a fungus found in several hot and humid places in Asia.

It has been a basic part of Eastern medicine for quite some time.

These mushrooms include several particles, to include triterpenoids, peptidoglycans and polysaccharides which could be accountable for their health effects.

Even though you can eat these mushrooms when they are fresh, it’s additionally commonplace to utilize powdered mushrooms as well as extracts which include these particular particles.

These various structures have all been tested through research into experiments using cells, animals and people.

Here are six benefits of Reishi mushrooms which were scientifically studied. The initial 3 are supported by tougher evidence, although there’s less support for the rest.

  1. Improves the Immune System

An example of the most vital effects from Reishi mushrooma is it is able to enhance the human immune system.

Though a few specifics are still unclear, scientific research has revealed Reishi mushrooms affect white blood cell genes, which are key components of the human immune system.

Moreover, this research discovered a few types of Reishi might modify the inflammation pathways found in white blood cells.

Studies on cancer patients showed some of the mushroom’s components are capable of increasing the activity of a special white blood cell known as a natural killer cell.

These special white blood cells battle disease, as well as fight cancer.

Additional studies discovered Reishi can boost the amount of additional kinds of white blood cells called lymphocytes in people who have colorectal cancer.

Though the majority of the benefits Resihi has for the immune system have been found in sick people, some of the evidence shows it may help people who are healthy as well.

In one of these studies, the mushrooms enhanced the function of lymphocytes, which aids in battling both cancer and infections, in athletes who get exposed to a stressful environment.

Nevertheless, additional studies on healthy adults didn’t who improvements in their immune system nor did it reveal any inflammation after they consumed Reishi mushroom extract for four weeks.

Generally, it is obvious Reishi mushroom can affect white blood cells as well as the immune system.  Additional studies need to be done to figure out all the benefits to both healthy and sick people.


Reishi mushrooms are able to improve the immune system via the way if affects white blood cells, the ells that battle cancer and infections. This is mostly for sick people, as there were mixed results for healthy folks.

  1. Anti-Cancer Properties

Numerous folks eat these mushrooms because they potentially battle cancer.

Furthermore, a study of more than four thousand survivors of breast cancer discovered about 59 percent at Reishi mushrooms.

Moreover, quite a few scientific studies discovered it caused cancer cells to die.

But these results don’t automatically equal its efficacy in tests with animals or people.

Some of the research investigated whether Reishi helped men with prostate cancer because of its impacts on the male hormone testosterone.

Though one of the case studies revealed the particles in these mushrooms reversed prostate cancer in men, a bigger follow-up study didn’t support that finding.

Reishi mushrooms have additionally been studied for their role in averting or battling colorectal cancer.

Some of the research revealed a year of taking Reishi reduced the amount and size of large intestine tumors.

Moreover, a comprehensive report from numerous studies suggested these mushrooms can constructively affect people suffering from cancer.

Those benefits encompassed expanding activity of the person’s white blood cells, and these cells assist in fighting cancer, as well as improve the quality of life for cancer sufferers.

Though, researchers say Reishi ought to be dispensed along with traditional medicine and not in place of  it.

Furthermore, several of these studies on Reishi mushrooms and cancer weren’t top notch quality. So, a lot more studies are required.


Though Reishi mushrooms seem to have hopeful properties for preventing cancer or even in treating it, additional info is required prior to it becoming a component of mainstream therapy.  Though, it could be suitable to use it along with mainstream treatment in a few cases.

  1. Might Battle Fatigue and Depression

The way Reishi affects the immune system is mentioned often, however, it does have additional possible benefits such as less depression and tiredness and improving a person’s quality of life.

One of the studies analyzed the mushrooms’ effects on 132 folks who had neurasthenia, a badly described condition correlated with aches and pains, as well as headaches, irritability and  dizziness.

The scientists discovered fatigue was lessened and well-being improved taking Reishi supplements for eight weeks.

Additional studies discovered fatigue was lowered and quality of life improved taking Resihi powder for four weeks in a study involving 46 survivors of breast cancer.

Besides, the folks in this study likewise felt less anxious or depressed.

Whilst Reishi mushroom could have potential for folks who have certain kinds of ailments or diseases, it’s not obvious if it could help those people who are obviously healthy.


Various initial studies have showed Reishi mushrooms were able to lower depression and along with improving quality of life in folks with specific medical situations.

4–6. Other Possible Benefits

Besides its effects on a person’s immune system coupled with their quality of life, these mushrooms have been looked at in studies to see if they might be used to boost other facets of health.

  1. Heart Health

A twelve-week study involving 26 individuals revealed Reishi mushrooms could boost “good” HDL cholesterol as well as lower bad triglycerides.

Nevertheless, previous research involving  healthy adults revealed no improvements in these types of heart disease risk components.

Furthermore, a sizable analysis showed no favorable effects in regard to heart health after studying 5 different researches involving about 400 individuals. The scientists discovered eating Reishi mushrooms for about 16 weeks didn’t improve cholesterol levels.

Overall, additional research needs to be done regarding heart health and Reishi mushrooms.

  1. Control of Blood Sugar

Numerous studies have shown that particles discovered in Reishi mushrooms can reduce blood sugar in animal tests.

Some initial research in people stated analogous findings.

Nevertheless, most of the studies haven’t supported that benefit. After they evaluated 100s of individuals, the researchers didn’t find any benefits in regard to fasting blood sugar levels.

Varied results were observed for blood sugar levels after eating.  In a few cases, the Reishi mushrooms reduced blood sugar, however, not every time. In fact, the results were worse than plaebos.

So, additional research needs to be done on this too.

  1. Antioxidant functions

Antioxidants are particles which can assist in preventing the cells from getting damaged.

Due to this vital function, there’s a significant interest in the foods and supplements which may boost antioxidant functions in the human body.

Many argue that Reishi mushrooms are effective to help in this function.

Nevertheless, some studies showed no changes in the levels of 2 vital antioxidant blood enzymes after eating these mushrooms for four to twelve weeks.


A slight quantity of research showed Reishi mushrooms might boost good cholesterol as well as help regulate blood sugar. Though, most studies who it doesn’t make blood sugar, antioxidants or cholesterol any better.

Dosage Proposals Vary Dependent on the Type Eaten

Unlike a few foods or supplements, dosage when eating Reishi mushrooms varies greatly dependent on the way you eat it.

The maximum doses are if a person eats the fresh mushrooms, and dependent on their size, this can vary between 25 and 100 grams.

Generally, people take the dried version of these mushrooms. Then the dosage is about 10x lower than if you eat the fresh ones. Fifty grams of fresh mushrooms is comparable to about five grams of dried extract. Mushroom dosage varies, however, usually it is between one and a half and nine grams a day.

Furthermore, a few supplements merely use precise quantities of the dried extract. In that case, suggested dosage could be a lot less than what was listed previously.

Since recommended doses are different dependent on the type of product used, it’s vital to know what kind you plan to use.


Dosage of Reishi mushrooms vary dependent on the way it is used, so it’s vital to know which you are consuming. Extracts are less in dosage and the fresh is higher.

Potential Side Effects along with possible Dangers

Even though they are popular, the safety of eating them has come up in discussions.

Some studies discovered the people who ate these mushrooms for four months had a 2x more chances of experiencing  some sort of side effect compared to people who took a placebo.

Though, these results were usually minor and they included a somewhat increased chance of nausea or other digestive problems. No harmful effects were seen in regard to liver health.

Other studies additionally showed 4 weeks of eating them didn’t cause any problems with the kidneys either when healthy people ate them.

In disparity to those reports, substantial liver difficulties were reported in 2 case studies.

Both these individuals had earlier taken Reishi mushroom without difficulties, but experienced harmful effects when they started using powdered mushrooms.

That makes it hard to understand for sure if the mushrooms were responsible for these people’s problems, or if the powdered version was the culprit.

It is additionally vital to note al lot of the research regarding Reishi mushrooms didn’t report any safety data, therefore only a limited amount of data has been made available.

However, there’s numerous groups of individuals who likely need to not eat them.

Those include pregnant women or breastfeeding women or if someone has a blood disorder, upcoming surgery or if their blood pressure is low.


Several studies on Reishi mushroom haven’t given out safety data, however, others have indicated that you can use it for a few months and probably be ok. But a few cases of significant liver issues were said to be related to using Reshi mushroom extract.

The End Result

Reishi mushrooms are very commonplace when used in Eastern medicine.

It might enhance a person’s immune system via how it affects white blood cells, especially in individuals who are sick, like people having a form of cancer.

These mushrooms could possibly lower the amount of tumors or shrink them in regard to cancer, or it may help some cancer patient’s quality of life.

The majority of research on humans shows it doesn’t help control cholesterol, antioxidants or blood sugar levels, although it could possibly be good for lowering tiredness or helping if someone is depressed in a few cases.